OLA - The Online Legal Assistant


Legal advice has

never been easier!

Simplified service,

Any area of law

We provide a service that uses advanced computer technology to make the experience for our customers more straight-forward and easy to understand. We combine computer technology with modern, simplified legal professionalism.

 Assisted by AI

We have a fully integrated and automated cloud-based system for collecting and managing data and providing synthesised legal information using predictive algorithms.  And we still have licensed legal staff overseeing the process.

Try it out! Costs almost nothing!


Most legal services are unncessarily complicated and tedious, designed to justify higher and higher costs to the customer. We do away with that by providing brief advice to reduce and protect the you, the customer from further legal costs and hassles. Our service costs as little as $50 and you can choose from 15 minute advice intervals, all provided online! It could not be easier!

Quick, easy, Affordable


Our service is for any area of law, and we provide quick assistance to help people with legal queries, questions, explanation around what the legal ramifications of your legal issues may be. We provide all services online. This applies to advice and guidance. We generally do not do entire cases or full documents. We provide a cost-effective assistance for you to decide what to do next.