OLA - The Online Legal Assistant

A bit about OLA

The Online Legal Assistant - or "OLA" for short, is a project devised by non-traditional lawyers who want to improve the lives of people in modern society and evolve the antiquated - and very inefficient and often ineffective - traditional legal system. OLA is project that integrates computer systems and algorthmic methodology with the support and oversight of licensed lawyers to provide legal services at a fraction of the cost.


Our hope is the future of legal services will put more power in the hands of the customer, and prevent the expensive and exhausting legal and justice system.


A partial fix, or a streamlined approach?

Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. We cover any area of law, and we are able to provide initial advice, directions on what to do next, the best possible approaches you could take, guidelines on what to do to prevent the problem happening again, ramifications and legal implications that you may incur, or ways to mitigate or reduce the consequences of the legal issues. However, we won't provide transaction documentation or take matters to court for you. Our goal is to reduce the need to do this, and reduce the costs of having to do this. Sometimes the small fee for this legal advice, will be more beneficial to you than pursuing the matter with a traditional lawyer.